On the set of BADD HABBITS music video in August 2012

Rick Willoughby is a professional Photographer & Designer no longer limited to the ground. In his work, he uses a remote control helicopter to capture commercial aerial photography and HD video footage for special events, music videos, commercials, real estate, hotels, weddings, and many different business promotional applications. He is a certified remote helicopter and camera operator. Rick is an expert at analyzing the challenges and potential of each natural and urban environment, then capturing the beauty, optimizing the visual impact to achieve the photography and film objectives.

Rick is also a freelance Production Designer with over 10 years of experience designing sets for film and television. He works closely with the Director, and D.O.P (Director of Photography) to create compelling visual sets that communicate the essence of characters, and convey the required atmosphere of each scene.

Taking his Film and Photography experience to the air is a natural for Rick, as throughout his life he has had an interest in flight. In pursuing his private pilot’s license, he has graduated from ground school, and has 10 hours flying time on a single prop Cessna airplane. Rick is a certified hang glider pilot and has completed sky diving training with multiple jumps.

With AIRFRAME Productions, Rick is combining his experience, and passions, for film and flight. He draws from his in depth background in Film and Television, and uses his eye for composition to frame perfect aerial shots for clients. He is based in Vancouver, B.C. and travels regularly to Costa Rica, and Panama. Rick is available for local and international Aerial Photography and Film projects.