Aerial Photography & Video FAQs

Q : How high can the Helicopter fly?
A: The Helicopter can fly over 300 meters high, but most shots are taken from 20 – 100 meters. This is the best height range for aerial shots because it is high enough to show an overview, but low enough to show interesting details. For commercial photography, details make the shot so it is important to find the right balance.

Q: How long can each flight last?
A: Each flight lasts approximately 15 minutes. I carry multiple batteries with a fast 30 minute recharge time which allows us to shoot continuously all day.

Q: Is the helicopter gas or electric powered?
A: Electric. It is very quiet (62dp at 3 meters), eco friendly, and unobtrusive to people or wildlife. Once it flies above 20 meters, it can barely be heard. It is the perfect way to photograph or film candid shots of people at private events.

Q: What type of camera do you use?

A: Sony NEX 5N. It shoots beautiful Hi-Resolution Photos (16 megapixel) good for posters, billboards as well as print and internet applications. The HD video shoots full 1920 X 1080, at 60 frames per second, for smooth slow motion capabilities – AVCHD formats well for Film / TV broadcast.

Q: Will I be able to preview the images or video during the shoot? Can I make real time suggestions?
A: Yes. The image is transmitted real time to a monitor so the shot can be directed, and framed as desired during flight. There is a secondary remote control available for the camera operator to adjust the camera tilt while shooting.

Q: What are the best times during the day to fly or shoot?
A: Generally the early morning from sunrise – 11am, and the last couple hours before sunset. This is usually the best time for calm wind conditions, and the lighting is soft, with interesting shadows. Though depending on the location, the mid-day may be necessary.

Q: What are some of the limitations of flying or shooting?
A: Weather. No flights during rain, and wind speeds need to be under 20 km for photos, and under 10 km for video. All flights must be in line of sight of pilot controller.

Q: How can aerial photography help my business?
A: We have had many clients express gratitude in finally capturing all the elements, which make their business, real estate, event, special, all in one photo.

Q: How can aerial video footage help my film?
A: Go beyond the crane shot, from 1 to 100 meters with endless creative possibilities. Get another perspective safely, for that stunt scene, add the production value of a high budget film, at low budget costs.