Opening Establishing Shot for “Seasick” Short Film

This was 48 hour short film making challenge- (“Bloodshots”), where a team of people write, shoot, edit, and submit their horror film within 48 hours. Each team are given various different criteria to be included in the film story, once the 48 hour clock begins.

I worked with Kryshan (Director) on a previous film challenge, where I was the Production Designer, so when I knew the time coming for this years challenge, I was excited to get my Helicopter camera involved! It just took one call to Kryshan, and he was also excited at the opportunity to get an aerial establishing shot for his film. The film was set entirely on a vintage cabin cruiser boat, so my mission was to get the opening sequence shot of the boat heading off to sea.

One of the great aspects of my equipment, is the portability, versatility, and fast set up. I coordinated with the owner of the boat, met him at the marina in North Vancouver. It was a rainy day, and we needed the shot, within a few hours so I could get the footage to the editors, who were already working madly to get the film completed that day. I set up my Helicopter on the pier under cover of a small building, and awaited for a break in the rain. We got it! We communicated via cell phones, I launched the heli, and I controlled it form the pier, as the boat did multiple passes. Kryshan wanted to set the tone of the horror film with a mysterious ghostly visual, so I set the camera white balance to get a slightly over exposed blownout shot.

We got the shot, I felt a few drops of rain starting, I landed the Helicopter, packed it away, and was off to deliver the footage, just 2 hours after arriving at the marina.