Why Aerial Shots?


Showcase buildings together with their location, and vistas. Perspective aerial shots of properties highlight architectural elements and surrounding landscapes, that cannot be conveyed by photos taken from ground level.


For Pre-sale marketing, get Panoramic view photos of every floor, from ground to Penthouse.

Illustrate survey and progress reports. Dated aerial shots of construction sites serve as visual records.


Advertise your location. This photo shows people that Granville Island Hotel although is technically an “Island” is very much connected to, and close to the hub of downtown Vancouver.


Aerial Photography and HD Video captures the scale and atmosphere of Celebrations, Weddings, Festivals, Sporting Events. Follow the action, up close in the air with smooth, sweeping slow motion HD Video.


Reduce production costs. Get establishing and transitional HD video from unique angles for film and television done inexpensively. A perfect affordable solution to having an extra camera in the air to cover one take special effects, and stunt scenes. With quick set up time, and portability, this is a great option for creative film making, and will add production value to any project